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We’ve all been hurt in some way, and sometimes – even though it’s the right thing to do, we simply don’t want to forgive.

In this article, Dr Charles Stone explains why unforgiveness is bad for your brain.

God created our brains to help us survive when ¬†we feel threatened. it’s called the fight-flight-freeze response, and it’s generated in our emotional centers.

in the fight-flight-freeze state, our attention gets highly focused on survival, our digestive system stops, our pupils dilate, our saliva glands slow, our blood pressure and heart rate increases, and our muscles are readied for action.

Unforgiveness can keep our bodies and brains in this state of high alertness (whether or not someone really hurt us, or we only perceive that they did), and this leads to unhealthy results.

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Do not remain prisoner to your pain and harm your brain – forgive.