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We’ve been told that Christianity is a journey.

And what’s every traveller’s worst nightmare? Getting lost. Or not even being aware of the fact.

So we must take measures to see that the nightmare does not become our story.

It’s simple –

We must know where we’re going. And we must remain on the path that we’ve been shown.

In The Church today series, we consider our journey again as Christians – the Church.

Do we still remember where we’re going? And are we still on the path we’ve been shown?

We begin with the Church as I remember it by  Evangelist Humble Williams. Evangelist Humble Williams serves with Chapel of the cross, Port Harcourt.

In the Church and her music, we are in conversation with Rev Christy Bature, a Gospel minister and musician from Nigeria.

We talk to Lucky Mwaanga in the Church and her mission. Lucky Mwaanga is a missionary currently based in Ukraine.

We conclude the series with the Church and her youths, where we talk to Samuel David Abangwu, a youth leader serving with Assemblies of God, Jos, in Nigeria.