HOW IT BEGAN – by Rev Can Paul M. Somiari

In 1973, in a night vision, I was caught up into the clouds; in one of the lower heavens where I ended up, I saw myself standing at the centre of a vast wilderness. The grasses there were green and well-trimmed. The wilderness was partitioned into open apartments with half-walls. Inside these open apartments were kept all aborted, developing babies (fetus) according to the stage in their mother’s pregnancy at which they were aborted. There is an open apartment for one week old fetus, another for one month old fetus, another for two months old fetus, etc. It was a traumatic experience for me to go from one open apartment to the other and in the process, the fetus would crawl all over me, weeping bitterly that they could not enter into paradise and in tears pleaded passionately with me:

• To be their voice.
• To cry out to the world against abortion.
• To inform the world of their plight so that mothers will no longer sentence their
developing babies to those open apartments in the wilderness.

I enquired from the man who brought me to that wilderness why those innocent fetus were not taken into paradise. I was told that they could not enter into paradise because they do not possess fully developed bodies.

You must realize that the spiritual body looks exactly like the physical body. I then asked if the wilderness is the permanent or final abode of all aborted babies. I was told, “No”. I was informed that those aborted babies will remain in that wilderness to stand before their mothers and fathers and testify against them in judgment.

It was further revealed to me that after the judgment, God in His grace and mercy will grant them the fully developed body they would have obtained in a fully developed pregnancy. With a fully developed body, they will then be taken to paradise with the believers.

Life in that wilderness is a lonely and inactive one. Please let us join hands together to ensure that no developing baby in any womb ever goes to that lonely wilderness.

This is the Voice of Aborted Babies (VAB)

Excerpted from “Abortion – Four facts you have every right to know”.