Making Gains from Trials

As Christians, we have not been called to a life that’s free from trials. We have in fact, been called to take up our cross daily and follow our Master, Jesus.

We were never meant to carry our cross or face these trials alone, though.

The book, Making Gains from Trials, sheds light on trials and the gains that could come from them.

God is not unaware of the adverse circumstances His children find themselves in, sometimes. He is still able to work out His purpose if we’d let Him.

Are you under trial now? Do you know someone who is?

We’re reminded in the book to learn what the Bible says so we’d know how to apply the scriptures to bring victory over these battles that are inevitable.

It all begins with learning the truth of God’s Word, applying it obediently, prayerfully and patiently, and dispelling the lies of the enemy. With complete obedience, once the inner battle is won, the outer fight becomes easier and victory is sure.

Making Gains from Trials, pg. 110.

We must remember that the things that are out of our control are firmly under God’s. The tide of life can swing in directions that we least expect. That does not mean the absence of God in our life. Fear in the face of trial is worse that the trial itself.

Making Gains from Trials, pg. 148.

So do not be afraid. Be encouraged again. God sees you where you are, and He is still in complete control.

The author of Making Gains from Trials, Rev. James Irikefe, is currently a priest in the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion). He was previously a Sunday school teacher and superintendent in the (old) Diocese of Niger Delta, Port Harcourt. He loves the Word of God.

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