The Gospel of Jesus Christ

How many Gospels?

God takes a very serious view of this delicate issue of the oneness of this gospel. And His stand on it is transparently clear and simple. There is only one gospel.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ, pg. 10.

The gospel is a definite word or message from God, and it is only this definite word that God confirms with signs following.

The book, The Gospel of Jesus Christ, is a Biblical revelation of what the Gospel of Jesus Christ really is.

It is a valuable resource for all who are engaged in the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Under the inspiration of God’s Holy Spirit, the Lord instructed Rev. Canon Paul M. Somiari to write this book. For forty years, Satan fought very hard to stop the writing of this book until recently, when the Lord commanded the author to complete the book. The book was written both by the inspiration and dictation of the Holy Spirit of God.

Rev. Canon Paul M. Somiari is the executive director of WEGO Ministry.

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