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Haven’t we all been there, at one time or the other when we felt like we’ve been thrown under the bus!

We’ve been taught time and over again that God is faithful, and He would put the words in our mouth – we only have to be obedient. Still, our response is not always one of enthusiastic following and childlike excitement (And really, it’s not that hard to see why, when we consider some of the things we’re called to!)

So all our good intentions and noble aims despite (And for more times that could ever be good for us), we say the same thing Moses said (Basically, of course!)

“H-h-h-here I am Lord, send Aaron”.

Ellen knows what it’s like, and she shares her story in this article.

God is faithful, and He would help us do whatever he has called us to do, but we must be obedient to Him and take that leap of faith.

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